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Main Differences between Zinc Galvanized and Oil Tempered Garage Springs

Garage Door Springs in IllinoisJust from the look of them, garage owners assume galvanized garage door springs are the better type, but there’s a lot more that’s being left out. It’s true that galvanized springs somewhat look better, don’t rust, have an anti-scratch coat barrier, and are overall more appealing visually, but the problem with these is that they are noisy and have a shorter lifespan than oil tempered springs. When it comes to garage door springs, you want to choose the one that’s most reliable and will function for many years to come, not necessarily the better looking ones, which is why we recommend choosing an oil tempered spring system.

More Background on Zinc Galvanized and Oil Tempered Springs

Oil tempered springs are currently the most common and popular type on the market nowadays, and they’ve been around for quite some time now. As mentioned, they have a longer lifespan than their galvanized counterparts, and in general are much more reliable. Seeing that the function itself is better, oil tempered ones are perhaps the right solution despite the possibility of rust. They also require less maintenance, believe it or not, and are cheaper than their zinc galvanized counterparts. In general, it all comes down to what you personally want as an owner and whether you prefer beauty over function or expensive over more affordable for your garage door springs. Whichever you choose, you can always count on our experts when it comes to professional repairs, adjustments and replacements at all times.

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