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Highly trained and well experienced garage door repair

A local garage door company built by a team of highly trained and well experienced garage door repair men who have been in the business for several years.

How do I properly maintain my pre-finished steel door?

Our experts at Maywood recommend that you perform regular maintenance check once a year. You can remove dirt, mildew, and chalk using a diluted mild detergent and rinse it with clear water. You should also allow it to dry completely before use.

How can I reduce noise?

Garage door noise is reduced with good lubrication maintenance twice every year. The noise is louder when garage door parts are rusty. Make sure they are replaced. Noise will also be reduced when fasteners are tightened. For more silence, get belt drive garage door openers.

How can I adjust the sensors?

You must keep in mind that the garage door opener sensors must look at each other. Their beams must meet under the door. It will be helpful if you pay attention to the lights on the devices. They will turn on when the sensors are aligned. So, move them left and right till you find the perfect position.

How do I choose a new garage door based on material?

Steel units are strong and fairly durable and don’t require much maintenance. Wooden ones are absolutely beautiful, but have to be repainted annually to withstand the damaging effects of rainwater. Fiberglass doors can withstand the damage caused by salt and sand particles carried by the wind. That is why they are best suited for coastal areas.

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