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Garage Door Opener Replacement

Garage Door Opener ReplacementThe modern garage door openers can operate effectively for over 10 years and sometimes for as many as 20 years. Most units are replaced before the end of their useful life for different reasons. These include serious damage which cannot be repaired, outdating of the unit and the need for a unit with more advanced technologies. The replacement unit must meet a set of basic requirements. The power of its motor must correspond to the size and weight of the door. It must fit in the area designated for its mounting. The features and technologies can be freely selected.

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The process of garage door opener replacement begins with the dismantling of the existing unit. The safety sensors, the wall-mounted button and the wireless keypad which came with the old operator are removed as well. After all elements of the old system have been removed, the new opener and its fixed accessories are installed. The travel limits and the force of the operator are set and its remote control is programmed.

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