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Common Garage Door Problems and Solutions

01/02/2014 Back To Blog

Even if you have the best garage door, opener and parts from a reputable brand like Stanley or Genie, there is no guarantee that it will function properly at all times. The truth is that all kinds of problems can occur. The typical causes are natural wear and tear and bad weather. Take a closer look at some of the most common issues which can occur and use some advice on how to resolve them.

 Dealing with Wear and Tear

 Worn out cables are among the most common issues. They are made from metal and their job is to help lift and lower the door. They connect the spring to the bottom of the door. It is easy to notice when the cables come near the end of their useful life. Their color has faded and they look tattered and fragile. If they become extremely worn out they can snap and cause an accident.

 For this reason, you must replace the garage door cable as soon as you notice any issues with it. This job has to be done by a professional as it requires special skills, tools and safety precautions. It is advisable to contact garage door repair Maywood to get a quote.

 The garage door springs are subject to quite a lot of wear and tear due to the fact that they bar the entire weight of the door. The most obvious sign that there is something wrong with a spring is the squeaky noise which it produces. Inspect the springs carefully. If they are rusty and tend to bind up, you should apply a little bit of oil to improve their performance and condition. If this does not help, the wear may be serious and replacement may be required.

 No one is safe from garage door issues. The important thing for you is to be vigilant at all times and to take action immediately when you notice any signs of trouble.

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